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Turf Pride LLC introduces The Reel-Cu Workstation

Posted on February 2, 2024

The Reel-Cu Workstation transforms the way you handle Cutting Unit Maintenance. No more struggling to remove bedknives or balancing on makeshift supports. This innovative workstation elevates the Cutting Unit, providing full access to vital parts and making crucial adjustments, setting height of cut a breeze.
Adjustable to your perfect height, the Reel-Cu Workstation is designed for user comfort. It’s a turntable for the Cutting Unit, offering 360-degree access.

Efficiently reach bed bar fasteners and make precise adjustments without the usual challenges. Easy open access to the bed bar assembly for removal to service bed knives. Added feature of the Reel-CU Workstation is the bed bar clamp or vise. Securing the bed bar assembly to remove screws, bed knife, surface the bed bar and replace the bed knife all in one setting. Visit Turf Pride GIS 2024 Booth 5740