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Introducing Stacked Bearings from Turf Pride

Posted on January 9, 2024

Turf Pride LLC introduces Stacked Bearings (Patents Pending) to replace conventional water pump style bearings used in front and rear rollers on cutting units. The Stacked Bearings offers more accuracy for near zero runout on rollers and durability. The Stacked Bearings have 4 sets of ball bearings vs just 2 on the conventional water pump
Servicing the Stacked Bearings is much easier if and when the need arise for
replacement.“To our knowledge this is the first attempt to improve on the water pump style bearings that was first introduced to the turf industry many years ago”, states
inventor and President of Turf Pride LLC, Don Cotton. “The conventional water pump style bearing has served the industry well, but when it comes to replacing worn out bearings, it can prove frustrating and time consuming, not so with the Stacked Bearings. The simple process can be viewed on Hector’s Shop YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK2J5bVdxJo&authuser=1

Accuracy in regards to “run-out” and durability and long lasting are other benefits ofThe Stacked Bearings.
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