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Deep Tine Aerators DSA 5400 & 7000

DTA 7000Download BrochureOver 20 years of testing and engineering have gone into the development of Turf Pride’s Deep Speed Aerator. The Deep Speed Aerator is cutting edge & manufactured to perform up to the expectations of the most demanding conditions. Durability, performance, user friendly and affordability are some of the many benefits of Turf Pride’s deep speed aerator.

Main Frame

The main frame is one piece of solid steel for excellent durability. The bearing mounting top surfaces are machined to ensure perfect alignment of the crank assembly.

Heavy Duty Gear Box

The drive system consists of a heavy duty gear box with dual chain drive to the main drive shaft.

Spring Loaded Tine Alignment Assembly

The spring loaded tine alignment assembly arm (Patented-US 8,479,836B2) and the parallel linkage arms perfectly position the tines so they move down and backward. Compare this movement to other deep tine aerators that use an arc motion and you will see the difference in the quality. The unique positioning of Turf Pride’s Deep Speed spring loaded assemblies produce maximum aerating action deep into the soil without disturbing the playing surface, at any speed. Regardless of ground speed the results are always the same – Deep Speed.